Rooms we charge
with bathroom to the seaside, a balcony and a hammock  on request
to the side with a view to the forest and to the sea but without a balcony  on request
to the rear without a balcony on request

We offer simple rooms with a bathroom (warm and cold water shower):

To the seaside with a balcony and a hammock only for you, to the side without a balcony and with a view to the mountain-forest and the sea and to the rear without a balcony and with a view over some houses to the mountain-forest.

Our simple rooms have a double- and a bunk bed (or to the seaside a double- and two single beds) with sealing-fan (no air-conditioning).

A Refrigerator is only for everyone in the entrance corridor.

You (should) have Internet access (Wi-Fi) - for free, (sometimes depend of weather conditions).

Amperage 110 Volt.


We don´t serve breakfast, 


We don´t charge for one child (till 5 years old) in a room, if it sleeps with their parents in the same bed.


Check-in: 11:00 a.m.

Check-out: 9:30 a.m. (occupying the room after 9:30 a.m. would cause an additional daily rate) if we have rooms available.


We are in the centre of the Vila do Abraão and in front of the Cais de Turismo (Estação Abraão), 100m to the centre and 200 m from the concrete cais (where the big ferry arrive) and all the shops and restaurants next.

We offer all the boat trips (Blue Lagoon, Green Lagoon, the famous beach of Lopes Mendes, etc.), guides and have restaurants with 10% off.


There is no public transport on the island.


To reserve a room you need to pay in advance into my bank account.

Rooms are reserved after I got a confirmation of the payment (shown and confirmed in my bank-statement) and in order to the confirmed deposits.


Pré reservation:

1.          To make a pré reservation, we ask for sending an Email-confirmation till (48h).

2.         To pay an entrance of 10% of the total amount till the (date). After your confirmation by the payment you can´t change neither the total value of your reservation nor the dates.

3.         If we don´t receive any respond, there isn´t any mor a reservation or valid offer.


To confirm your reservation, we ask you:

1.          To deposit 50% of the total amount till the (date). If you miss it, you agree with the cancelation and no money return.

2.         After I got a confirmation of approved payment from my bank, the rooms are reserved in order of the entrance of the money.

3.         After I got a confirmation of approved payment from my bank of the final 40% till (date), the rooms are reserved for you in order of the approved and by the bank confirmed entrance of the money.


Cancellation of reservations:

As mentioned.

If, for any reason, you don´t occupy your rooms on the day of arrive till 18:30hs, your reservation is cancelled without any money return if there wasn´t any agreement made before.


We don´t accept checks.

Only our latest offer is valid.



If you don´t arrive within 24 hours on your arriving day without giving any notice in written (confirmed by us), your reservation is cancelled with no money return.

Together with your cancellation, we would need your banc details.

We don´t pay back payments made by Bank Card (Credit or Debit)!